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The Haneytoys is amazing and worth every penny. It's a very personal thing to review but I've barely got through any of the different setting. I never last that long! On the practical side, it's easy to operate and clean. It also looks fabulous in a very posh box and it's ergonomic.
Simply amazing, I was given this gadget as a gift and I can honestly say it’s made a massive difference to my life and partners. We had a terrible sex life and this has simply turned it around, I’m easily aroused by her and no need to take any ED pills.
With this toy, you are really only limited by your own imagination. The low settings mean you can use it for hours without the irritation of overstimulation, and the gradually building intensities make it fabulous to bring your orgasm home. It really will heighten your uniquely personal pleasure exploration!
Overall, this is the best vibrator I have used for years and I am looking forward to exploring it further. This sex toy delivered the most intense orgasm I have had with a sex toy. It was incredible and to be honest, it took me completely by surprise. I wasn’t expecting results like this.
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